8 Extra Features Offered by Mercedes AMG® Models

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Mercedes AMG

The Mercedes-AMG® GmbH began life as an independent company called AMG® that produced racing engines used in Mercedes-Benz vehicles. It soon began to offer customization services for owners of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, offering upgrades such as high-performance engines, custom wheel packages, body kits, spoilers, upgraded upholstery, custom wood trim, high-performance sound systems and other performance and styling upgrades. In 1990, Mercedes-Benz partnered with AMG® to sell AMG®’s customized vehicles and upgrades directly through official Mercedes-Benz dealerships and retail channels, and in 1999 Mercedes-Benz bought a controlling interest in AMG®, making it officially part of the Mercedes-Benz company.

Since then, Mercedes-AMG® has been working directly with Mercedes-Benz to develop high-performance versions of popular Mercedes-Benz vehicles, including the CLA, CLS, G-Class, GL-Class, GLA, GLE, C-Class and S- Class, and they have also developed their first vehicle independently, the SLS AMG®. Each Mercedes-AMG® is a high-performance model with options that are not found on standard Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Here are some of the features that make a Mercedes-Benz AMG® unique:

#1 Turbocharged Engines

Many standard Mercedes-Benz engines are naturally-aspirated, meaning that the air they use for the combustion process is drawn in naturally by the compression of the engine. A turbocharged engine uses a mechanical device called a turbocharger to force more air into the engine, using an exhaust-driven turbine. With the additional quantity of air entering the engine, more fuel can be added during the combustion process, which produces a more forceful expansion of the gases when ignited and increases the output power of the engine dramatically.

Mercedes-AMG® currently produces five turbocharged engines for the U.S. market, which are incorporated into dozens of different models. Each engine is specially designed to increase performance, and is hand-built by a single builder from start to finish, ensuring that it is done correctly.

The engines currently produced by Mercedes-AMG® include:

  • 2.0-Liter Turbocharged Inline 4-Cylinder: This small four-cylinder engine can produce up to 381 horsepower and 332 pound feet of torque, making it one of the most power-dense engines on the market. It is found in a range of AMG® 45 models, including the A, GLA and CLA-classes.
  • 3.0-Liter BiTurbo V6: A six-cylinder engine with dual turbochargers, it can produce 367 horsepower and is available in several AMG® models, including the SLC 43, GLE 450 and C 450.
  • 4.0-Liter BiTurbo V8: The smaller of AMG®’s two V8 engines, this eight-cylinder engine with dual turbochargers can produce either 462 or 510 horsepower, depending on the model, and comes equipped in several AMG® vehicles, including the AMG® C 63 and C 63 S, and the AMG® GT and GT S.
  • 5.5-Liter BiTurbo V8: This larger V8 produces either 557 or 585 horsepower and up to 664 pound-feet of torque, and it is in many of the AMG® 63 models, including the CLS, E, G, GLE, GLS, S and SL-class vehicles.
  • 6.0-Liter BiTurbo V12: this twelve-cylinder engine with dual turbochargers produces up to 630 horsepower and 738 pound-feet of torque, and is available in the AMG® 65 series, including G, S and SL-class models.

#2 High-Performance Transmissions

With all the extra power offered by the Mercedes-AMG® turbocharged engines, high-performance transmissions are required to efficiently transfer that power to the vehicle’s wheels. Models using the 2.0-Liter 4-cylinder engine use the AMG® Speedshift dual-clutch 7-speed transmission, while most of the other engines use the AMG® Speedshift MCT multi-clutch 7-speed transmission. Both transmissions provide quick shifting with a clutchless manual mode and three automatic driving modes, including “Comfort,” “Sport,” and “Sport Plus.”

#3 Available All-Wheel Drive

An all-wheel drive system dynamically allocates the engine’s power to the wheels that need it for faster acceleration, increased power, better handling and greater control on slippery roads. Many Mercedes-Benz AMG® models offer all-wheel drive, including the CLA, CLS, G, GL, GLA, GLE, C, and S-Classes.

#4 Upgraded Suspension

AMG® models feature upgraded suspensions with features like specially-tuned shocks, specially-designed front and rear axles, steel suspension struts, air suspension, automatic leveling, and three-stage traction control systems. All of these features combine to create a suspension that is stiffer and sportier than a standard Mercedes-Benz, improving handling and cornering, especially at high speeds.

#5 Performance Exhaust System

For an engine to perform well it must have plenty of air coming into the combustion chamber, and a free-flowing exhaust system. The Mercedes-AMG® series of vehicles feature performance exhausts that not only add more power, with larger-diameter pipes, smooth bends and reduced back-pressure, but they also look great, with available chrome or stainless steel accents. They also accentuate the sound of the engine, creating an exhaust note that matches the engine’s performance.

#6 Performance Brake System

To provide plenty of stopping power, Mercedes-AMG® offers enhanced braking systems on their vehicles, featuring components such as cross-drilled, large-diameter rotors, performance brake calipers with specially-designed pistons, and electronic stability control systems that increase braking performance and keep the brakes cooler.

#7 Custom Wheel Packages

Mercedes-AMG® vehicles feature custom wheel and tire packages that are not available on other Mercedes-Benz products, including high-performance alloy wheels in custom sizes and finishes. These wheel packages are lighter, stronger and more attractive, and offer better performance than standard wheel packages.

#8 Upgraded Interiors

Vehicles in the Mercedes-AMG® series feature custom interiors with features like prominent AMG® badges, upgraded upholstery, including high-quality leather, custom trim, including wood accents, premium sound systems, premium navigation systems, custom racing seats, custom AMG® floor mats, and driver assist features such as active lane keeping assist, rear-view cameras, attention assist, active brake assist, blind spot assist, night view assist, parking assist, traffic sign assist, speed limit assist, and crosswind assist. Other available safety features include multiple-airbag systems, active head restraints and intelligent headlight systems. Each interior offers premium comfort for both the driver and the passengers, with plenty of features that make the vehicle easy to drive and increases its safety and performance.

The vehicles offered in the Mercedes-AMG® product line represent both the quality, luxury, comfort and reliability that Mercedes-Benz is known for, and the upper-echelon performance that is guaranteed by the AMG® brand. They offer exclusive features that cannot be found in other Mercedes-Benz vehicles and offer unmatched performance.





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