Autonomous Driving and the Future of Mercedes-Benz Quality

May 23rd, 2017 by

The future is here—already we are living in a connected world full of bounding technological advancement and limitless potential. And while these leaps in progress can make us uneasy from time to time, they shouldn’t; Mercedes-Benz is using technology to pioneer a new dimension of safety and comfort. Research in autonomous and semi-autonomous driving upgrades has led Mercedes-Benz to the forefront of road safety, and is changing the very way we think about driving.

Anti-lock brakes, crumple zones and electronic stability control are examples of industry-wide automobile staples that were born of the kind of ground-breaking research Mercedes-Benz has conducted. Now, vehicles are able to alert drivers to various road hazards such as detecting a vehicle in your blind spot, to assist drivers with parking and lane-changing using sensor technology, and even anticipate and automatically brake for impending accidents. What else can we expect from autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles? Safety, comfort, and control in a completely revolutionized vision of what a vehicle can be.

In 2013, Mercedes-Benz showed the world that autonomous driving is a reality. Using stereo cameras, short-range and long-range radars, and GPS positioning systems, the S 500 Intelligent Drive responds to all road conditions, including inner city traffic, narrow country roads, pedestrian crossings, and more. This vehicle set a standard with sensors based on the same principle as existing assistant systems in production vehicles, and allowed the visionaries at Mercedes-Benz to reimagine the future of driving. They drove the same path that Berta Benz drove on the very first long trip in the very first car ever.

The F 015 Luxury in Motion research vehicle is a concept that demonstrates what a future of autonomous vehicles might look like. The vehicle becomes a digital life space, a place where we can utilize our commute in new ways. The F 015 concept responds to gestures and eye tracking, communicating with the outside world while drivers can relax, work, or talk amongst friends. Surrounded by elegant, fluid design elements in what becomes a mobile lounge and private retreat, drivers of the future can rest assured in luscious comfort and unprecedented safety.

The F 015, however futuristic it may seem, is illuminating the possibilities of automotive transport in tomorrow’s world and providing far-reaching implications for safety on today’s roads. The knowledge gained through conceiving and creating this incomparable vehicle contributes to the protection of today’s drivers with intuitive accident prevention technologies, responsive controls, and a smooth, comfortable ride. As we continue to strive for the best ways to fulfill our social responsibility to protect, we can look to Mercedes-Benz as a guiding light in innovation.

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