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11 Smart Technologies in the 2017 E-Class

The Stuttgart company has taken a step further into the transportation of the future, by adding autonomous features into their latest models. It is no longer a possibility to have semi-autonomous vehicles on the road, but a reality.

E-Class Package

The E-Class exudes elegance, embodying the sensual purity design. The 2017 completely renovated model isn’t all looks, though, as it also comes loaded with new smart functions and unique technologies, as it was showcased in Auto Shows across North America in previous months.

Now is the Future

Life is grand, and Mercedes-Benz knows that. The way we have shaped our lives has changed. Smart homes are a reality, and they make our lives easier. Smartphones help us communicate and increase our ability to have a significant impact on the world.

Semi-autonomous cars are already on the road, and they are here to ameliorate the problem of rush hour traffic jams. First-rate car brands are innovating by carrying models with semi-autonomous features.

The latest E-Class has at least eleven ways in which it behaves as a smart car. These key technologies, which are included in the luxurious E-Class, save time and energy, all while providing a safer way to travel.

11 Features to Elevate Your Driving Style

The Mercedes 2017 E-Class is loaded with semi-autonomous features that make driving this luxury car a genuine pleasure.

1. Distant Pilot Distronic

Its cruise control-like function allows the driver to lay back while the car keeps a certain distance from the vehicle in front of it. This feature is called Distant Pilot Distronic, and while it only works while the driver has both hands on the steering wheel, it can keep up with roadway speeds of up to 130 mph.

2. Steering Pilot

The Steering Pilot technology enables the driver to steer the car correctly on the car even when road lines are unclear or absent. This is especially useful in narrow curves, and it claims to be able to correct the pathway of vehicles up to 81 miles per hour.

3. Active Lane Change Assist

Another valuable feature is Active Lane Change assist, which uses the embedded radar and camera system to scan its surroundings. This alerts the driver to the best time to change lanes, and assists in the process.

4. Active Lane Keeping Assist

Active Lane Keeping Assist will help the Mercedes correct the steering in a specific lane if it drifts into another lane, by using one-sided brakes. This function triggers if the vehicle starts drifting into another lane or if the driver is switching lanes into an oncoming car.

5. Active Brake Assist

In the case of an impending collision, Active Brake Assist applies the brakes automatically at speeds of up to 43 mph, even at an intersection. If a driver is breaking to avoid collision, Evasive Steering Assist will help steer the driver out of danger.

6. Active Blind Spot Assist

The Active Blind Spot Assist function alerts the driver—with a warning light signal on the side mirror glass and a sound—when another vehicle is in its blind spot. If the driver continues to switch lanes despite the warning, the car will brake to prevent a collision.

7. Pre-Safe Impulse

For passenger safety, Pre-Safe Impulse is activated when a vehicle is about to hit the Mercedes. It inflates the outer side of the leather seat, in order to cushion and avoid the impact of the passenger. Pre-Safe Sound will emit a “pink noise” through the audio system to pre-trigger the passengers’ ears as a natural defense against the impact noises of a collision.

8. Attention Assist

This luxury car also comes with sensors for the driver’s level of attention while driving, and Attention Assist activates an alert when the driver is drowsy or losing attention.

9. Remote Parking Pilot

Nothing could really improve driving a Mercedes-Benz unless it could drive itself. Remote Parking Pilot will allow the smartphone MB app to command the car to park itself from the key fob or to summon it from a parking spot.

10. Near Field Communication

Similarly, the app’s Near Field Communication (NFC) technology allows the user to duplicate the key fob access with their smartphone, making it easier to lock or unlock the E-Class, even with a dead battery on their phone.

11. Car-to-X

With the additional sensors and transmitters of this new edition of the E-Class, the vehicle uses the latest Car-to-X technology. The exchange of information with its surroundings allows it to be an environmental-conscious computer, and to make smart, fast decisions when it encounters other vehicles with the same technology on the road.

This array of newly added semi-autonomous features to the E-Class translates to road safety, efficient driving, and less unnecessary time spent on a daily commute. Your drive will be smooth and seamless leaving you relaxed when you’ve arrived at your destination.

Other Impressive E-Class Specs

Starting at $52,150, the 2017 models include the classic Sedan, which has a 2.0-liter inline-4 turbo engine, and a 4MATIC® Sedan version. It boasts a 0-60 mere 6.3 seconds, 241 hp and a 273 lb-ft torque. The agile and powerful drive with this new model is unparalleled, and different driving modes enhance its comfort, taking it from sports mode to highly efficient ECO drive.



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