Five Iconic Mercedes-Benz Vehicles

January 19th, 2017 by

Mercedes-Benz has led the automotive industry since its very inception, creating extraordinary vehicles that push the boundaries of engineering and artistry. As the company continues to break new ground, it seems important as well to pay homage to the successes of the past. Here we revisit some of the most iconic Mercedes-Benz vehicles produced throughout the decades.

300SL Gullwing

Introduced: 1954

Notable Features:

  • First-ever production car to use a fuel injection system
  • Fastest production car of its day
  • Distinctive gullwing doors

Claim to Fame: Billed as “a race car for the street,” this car propelled Mercedes-Benz into the sights of American motor enthusiasts. This vehicle tailored Grand Prix power to the road, fueled by an Atomic Age passion for ingenuity that resulted in a sculpted, timeless style. The sleek vertical doors of the 300SL Gullwing solidified it as a perfect union of groundbreaking form and technological prowess.

220SE Cabriolet

Introduced: 1958

Notable Features:

  • Unitized body construction with fully independent suspension
  • Full leather interior, with matching leather luggage available
  • Incorporated crumple zones, first developed a by Daimler-Benz engineer Bella Berini

Claim to Fame: This car’s stunning cameo in Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest made an impression not only on audiences, but on the director himself. Hitchcock took meticulous care to protect the car from structural damage during filming, recognizing its beauty as a force to be respected.


Introduced: 1979

Notable Features:

  • Initially designed and made for military purposes
  • Three fully-locking differentials for unparalleled traction
  • Designed for maximum safety and comfort
  • Military-grade power with smooth, engineered control
  • Has not changed since its inception in 1969

Claim to Fame: The time-tested G-Class combines the rugged mechanics of an off-road machine with a sophisticated form that breathes elegance into its strength. Since arriving on the market from its military origins, it has proven its resilience. Its robust design and refined engineering allow drivers to conquer any terrain in comfort with military precision and a command of respect.

600 Pullman

Introduced: 1963

Notable Features:

  • 6-door long-wheel-base model limousine
  • Ultra-luxurious accessory features
  • Armored version, “Guard”
  • First diesel passenger car in the world

Claim to Fame: No iconic Mercedes-Benz discussion could be complete without the 600 Pullman, the premier limousine for the most noted dignitaries and VIPs from 1963 to 1981 and beyond. The 600 Pullman has staked its claim as an authority figure in cultural history, both because of its glamor and its legendary technology—the 600 Pullman used a hydraulic system to power its impressive accessory features, like reclining seats, power windows, and a fresh-air system, silently.

Benz Patent Motorwagen

Introduced: 1886

Notable Features:

  • World’s first automobile
  • Propelled by an internal combustion engine, the first of its kind, making 3/4 horsepower
  • Contained many new inventions of Karl Benz’s own design, including the spark plug

Claim to fame: The Benz Patent Motorwagen was the world’s first automobile, created by Karl Benz and patented in 1886. On three wire-spoked wheels, driven by a rear-mounted internal combustion engine, this machine introduced the transportation revolution that has shaped modern life. The Patent Motorwagen set off the spark that made and has kept Mercedes-Benz the leader in automotive technology and innovation. Karl Benz obviously already had an eye for style, as well. This car said it first, and says it all.

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