Invest In Your Rising Star’s Future with Mercedes-Benz

May 23rd, 2017 by

They’ve done it—your son or daughter has made it to graduation day and is looking toward a bright future full of challenge and adventure. It’s a proud time for parents, watching your child approach the stage as a high school student and emerge on the other side ready to become a college freshman. Of course, with that pride comes a plentitude of other feelings. You’re probably experiencing a healthy bit of worry, too—you want to ensure that your new grad has all the possible tools to succeed on their own out there in the big world of college. You’ll do the dorm room shopping and snag all the school supplies, but your son or daughter needs something more as well. They need a safe, reliable vehicle.

Whether your grad will be commuting to UAB or driving to a different state to start their incredible journey, the vehicle that carries them will be an important part of their experience. Students have enough on their minds without the constant worry of breakdowns and repair costs to distract them from their education. And of course, as parents send their young adults out of the nest, knowing they will be driving in safety means one less thing to worry about.

So this graduation season, invest in your rising star’s future by purchasing them a Mercedes-Benz. You have already set them up for success in their education; why not christen their journey with a vehicle that will stay the course with them? When your college student visits home, goes on adventures with friends, or simply explores their new surroundings in a Mercedes-Benz, they—and you—can rest assured that they are prepared for anything life puts in their path.

As you make your way to the dealership to choose the Mercedes-Benz that will see your child through some of the most important and exciting years of their life, here are a few great options to consider.

The C-Class Sedan

For the overachiever in your family, nothing says poise and precision like the C-Class sedan. Sleek and smart, the C-Class sedan offers generous space and intuitive technology. This car isn’t all academia, though; agile and fun, the inspired performance and great gas mileage will motivate any student on their commute.


  • 4MATIC® all-wheel drive puts the engine’s torque to its best use, enabling your student to drive confidently, even on slick or curvy roads.
  • Collision Prevention Assist Plus comes standard, using radar to monitor traffic conditions to alert your child to potential hazards and even start braking for them to help avoid a collision.
  • Mercedes-Benzmbrace®, combined with the intuitive controls and convenient heads-up display, means that your tech-savvy student can stay connected while remaining safe and free from distractions.

The CLA Coupe

Clever kids and parents will immediately see how smart this choice is. For the keen decision-maker, the CLA offers stunning, eye-catching style at an eye-opening price. The attractive, flowing lines of the body will make your student the big star on campus, while the advanced aerodynamics, safety features, and affordability will keep you feeling comfortable as you watch your star rise.


  • One of the most aerodynamic cars on the road, the CLA has been wind-tunnel-tuned for exceptional stability and poor-weather visibility for optimal safety and handling.
  • ECO Start/Stop automatically pauses the engine when stopping to save fuel, stretching your student’s wallet (and yours).
  • Insightful safety features such as Attention, Blind Spot, and Lane Keeping Assists can sense a drowsy driver for those long trips home, and help your student stay on track and focused on the road.


Flexible, fuel-efficient, and downright fun—the GLA SUV is the perfect vehicle to take the sporty, adventurous young adult in your family on their journey. With plenty of space for moving day and game day alike, this versatile SUV is in it for the long-haul. It takes its on-road agility off-road too, meaning your grad can conquer any terrain with confidence, from wilderness trails to the urban jungle.


  • Hallmark “power domes” in the hood allow the engine to pump out dynamic power while still saving fuel.
  • A truly versatile cabin with 14-way adjustable front seats, a powered liftgate, and split rear seats that can make way for 41.8 cubic feet of cargo space.
  • A range of intuitive driving modes, including off-road, that cover all the bases for your student—all, of course, backed by radar-based Active Brake Assist and Attention Assist.

You trust your child to make smart decisions as they make their way in the world, so why not make one last smart decision for them to ensure they get the best start? Send your new graduate out in safety and style with one of these or any other Mercedes-Benz vehicles. With one of the largest stocks of new and Certified Pre-Owned C-Class, CLA and GLA vehicles in the area, Mercedes-Benz of Birmingham is ready to help find your student the perfect ride into their future.

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