Hot and Cool: An Outlook on the Mercedes-Benz Concept X-Class

February 2nd, 2017 by

Mercedes-Benz has continuously challenged the notion of a status-quo in the automotive industry, never settling in success, even at the top. Having proven their ability to seamlessly bring together luxury and performance in every other type of vehicle, Mercedes-Benz has turned their artistic lens to the world’s first truly premium pickup truck, the X-Class. The Mercedes-Benz Concept X-Class represents the marriage between cool, dynamic style and white-hot athleticism, a stylish statement of power and prowess for a new class of pickup.

Mercedes-Benz is reshaping the idea of what a pickup can be with two modern designs: the stylish explorer and the powerful adventurer.

The stylish explorer emanates elegance, both in its sleek, eye-catching lines and its technical precision. Modeled in a cool white metallic finish, the stylish explorer is an emotional creature, a machine of savvy detail that feels at home prowling the streets of the urban jungle. The distinctive grille, bearing, of course, the three-point star, catches the eye before guiding it to the stylish explorer’s other expressive features: the sweeping headlamps on either side of the colossal powerdome on the hood, flared wheel arches, and finally the stunning wraparound LED tail lights.

The Concept X-Class stylish explorer is also tangibly beautiful on the interior, where its innovative features are showcased in contrasting warm and cool colors of high-quality nubuck and nappa leather, open-pore smoked oak dash, and polished aluminum trim. From the high-resolution center display, drivers will be able to access the newest Mercedes-Benz connected services, such as enhanced navigation and a cutting-edge driver assistance system.

For a more rugged experience with off-road capability, Mercedes-Benz has also engineered the Concept X-Class powerful adventurer. At a profound 1.9 meters tall (just over 6 feet), the powerful adventurer soars high above the rest, offering drivers an unparalleled view of their off-road enterprises and commanding respect from every angle. The powerful adventurer is fitted with a front and rear underride guard, wing claddings, and matte carbon wheel arches, as well as a winch and metal hook to ensure it is prepared for any challenge.

The powerful adventurer’s wild, organic aesthetic radiates with a thirst for adventure that continues into the interior. The bold color scheme, metallic brushed surfaces, and matte carbon elements lend the vehicle an independent feel, while the leather-trimmed seat side bolsters guarantee a smooth ride over even the toughest terrain.

The Mercedes-Benz Concept X-Class, in both its forms, balances style and precision, luxury and fortitude, hot and cool. For more insights, and to keep abreast of the latest updates and previews, stay connected with Mercedes-Benz of Birmingham.

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