Making Mercedes A Family Tradition

February 2nd, 2017 by

Making Mercedes a Family Tradition

I have many memories of being little watching my mom meticulously wash and detail our 1987 E-Class sedan in the driveway. My dad would always tell her we could take it to the professionals to be cleaned, that she didn’t have to labor on it that way on hot Alabama days; she knew, but she loved being out there with it, taking care of it with her own hands. That was how my mom was—she loved to work hard so she could really savor the luxury she earned. After she’d finished polishing and waxing, she would take my brother and I for a drive, which was always a special treat.

As the years went on, my parents decided to trade that beloved E-Class for a newer model. Though it still ran like a dream, my mom wanted to keep up with the ever-advancing safety features and sleek styles Mercedes-Benz had to offer. I remember asking her that day at the dealership, “Why another Mercedes?” She responded, “I wouldn’t trust my babies in anything else.”

I grew up in Mercedes-Benz vehicles, watching my mom admire the engineering, performance, and safety we all felt on our journeys, feeling proud of what she and my dad were able to give our family. Family road-trips are always exciting, but they were especially magnificent in these cars. My brother and I may not have appreciated all the fine details when we were young, but we knew somehow that we were in an incredible machine; sometimes we pretended we were riding in a spaceship, sometimes a racecar, sometimes a magic carpet. No matter what it was, though, we always enjoyed the ride.

Now my brother and I are both grown up and starting our own families, and we remember with such love those family trips and neighborhood drives. This year, when my husband and I began discussing what kind of car to get for our budding family, I told him there was no question about it—it has to be a Mercedes-Benz. And when he asked me why, I told him, “I wouldn’t trust my babies in anything else.”

Mercedes-Benz of Birmingham helped us find the perfect vehicle for us, and now, as I watch my husband and son enjoying the amazing new features and comfort of our car, I understand what my mom meant, and I thank her for making Mercedes our family tradition.

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