Reap the Rewards of Being a Safe Driver

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It feels like common sense to want to be a safe driver, but with so many distractions available to today’s drivers, it’s easy to lose focus. It may be tempting to answer the text message or hop in the car after a few drinks, but it’s not worth the risk. So, let’s focus on the rewards of being a safe driver to encourage you to develop good habits behind the wheel.

Less Risk of a Crash

First and foremost, when you develop good driving habits, you are less at risk to be in an accident. The average vehicle weighs over 4,000 pounds, and you are risking tons of metal slamming into another vehicle, object, or person. According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, there are nearly 1.25 million people who die every year as a result of a car crash. Driving a vehicle is a privilege that carries a burden of responsibility. So, pay attention while you are driving — put your cell phone on driving mode and select your radio station before you hit the road and enjoy whatever comes on. Remove distractions and pay attention; you will be a safer driver and avoid potentially deadly car crashes.

Avoid Tickets and Citations

Another reward of safe driving is avoiding tickets and citations from a police officer. Not only are citations expensive, but they can also result in losing your driver’s license or even jail time. According to US News, some states consider reckless driving to be a criminal charge resulting in up to 12 months in jail and a $2,500 fine. This is easily avoidable by following the traffic laws — obey the posted speed limit, use turn signals when changing lanes, and slow down at yellow lights and stop when they are red. In other words, get in the habit of following the traffic laws and you will avoid paying the costly price of citations

Perhaps most importantly, never drink alcohol and get behind the wheel. A DUI not only costs a lot of money, but in some cases, it can also cost you your job. Drinking and driving hurts everyone involved, and there is never a circumstance where you should take the risk.

Lower Cost of Insurance

In addition to saving money on speeding tickets, you also save money on your auto insurance when you are a safe driver. When you have been labeled as a “high risk” driver, the cost of your insurance skyrockets, and some companies will even drop you as a customer. As Auto Insurance explains, “The ‘high risk’ label is given to drivers who have too many negative items on their driving records, whether those items are too many tickets and violations, traffic accidents, convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or other offenses.”

If you are a high-risk driver, it is important that you obtain insurance regardless of the cost of your premiums. Auto insurance is important as it protects you and others in an accident, so research your options and make sure that you are covered.

Setting the Example

A reward that you may have never considered is the example that you are setting for your children. If you are a parent, your child is watching everything you do to learn from your example. Sometimes, you aren’t even aware of what your child is picking up from you. If you are practicing safe driving habits every time you are behind the wheel, your child is learning what safe driving looks like and is more likely to follow your example. If you are texting while driving and speeding way too fast, your child is learning that these habits are acceptable and encouraged. In short: It’s necessary to lead by example.

Avoid distractions, never drink and drive, and obey the traffic laws. The rewards of safe driving vastly outweigh the risk of reckless driving.

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