When You Hear The Word Blue, What Comes To Mind?

March 1st, 2017 by

The color, the mood, maybe the sky or possibly the genre of music? You may think of your favorite color when you hear the word blue. The feelings and memories that flood your mind only touch the surface of the depth of the small, four letter word. Blue can be used to represent feelings, personality traits and more.

Like all the colors in the world, there are certain traits associated with this popular color. Loyalty, trust, wisdom and confidence are just a few that are associated. Depending on what side of the blue color wheel your favorite shade falls on, it can even give you a glimpse into your personality. Royal blue sometimes symbolizes intelligence, where dark blue represents elegance and sophistication and light blue can mean honesty.

With infinite shades of blue in the world, Mercedes-Benz is a contributor to the best variations of blue. Whether it is a silver-blue combination or a beautiful, dark navy, Mercedes-Benz has a shade of blue that can match your personality. So, which blue are you?

Starting with the lightest color available, Diamond Silver Metallic. This sophisticated color is available for all Mercedes-Benz vehicle models. Although, it is not technically blue, it tends to have a blue undertone when the sun hits it a certain way. If a true blue isn’t what you want, but do want something with a hint of color, Diamond Silver Metallic might be for you.

Next is certainly our brightest blue, South Seas Blue Metallic. True to its name, South Seas Blue Metallic reminds you of the clear, blue seas in a tropical location. You can almost hear the waves crashing, but it’s probably the engine starting. Fun and quirky, it is the brightest blue Mercedes-Benz has and exclusively reserved for the GLA SUV. If you want a vehicle and a color as unique as your personality, this one is for you!

Our truest and deepest blue is rightly named, Brilliant Blue Metallic. If the name is not dazzling enough, the color itself will turn heads. This blue makes a powerful statement as it zooms past any other vehicle. It is a vibrant, royal blue color with gorgeous, metallic flecks radiating the elegance only Mercedes-Benz vehicles have. This color has so much depth, you can almost hear the soulful voice of Etta James singing “At Last” when you step into a Brilliant Blue GLC 300 Coupe. Mercedes-Benz offers Brilliant Blue in most vehicle models.

Last, but certainly not least is the darkest blue Mercedes-Benz makes. Lunar Blue Metallic is the epitome of Mercedes-Benz luxury colors. You’ll feel like you are piloting the night sky while the metallic flecks add shimmer as if they were stars. It is anything but a standard navy blue shade; it displays luxury like no other. Mercedes-Benz offers this color for all vehicle models.

Whether you are looking to be unique in South Seas Blue Metallic or exude elegance in Brilliant Blue, there is a color to match your personality. No matter what blue you are looking for, Mercedes-Benz has a hue for you. Dive into our inventory at Mercedes-Benz of Birmingham during the Brilliant Blue Event going on now through March 31.


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