Why the 2016 Mercedes-Benz AMG® GT S is turning heads

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2016 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S

From the very beginning, the words Mercedes-Benz AMG® have invoked notions of power, performance and excellence in engineering. Add to that the car maker’s reputation for luxurious extravagance paired with inherent functionality, and it’s no surprise that the highly-acclaimed Mercedes-Benz AMG® is a true head-turner. The latest newcomer to the long lineage of exceptional performance vehicles—the 2016 Mercedes-Benz AMG® GT S—is, of course, no exception.

Built to Shine

The 2016 Mercedes AMG® GT S is a fast, powerful coupe. It is also, quite possibly, Mercedes-Benz’s finest sports car to date. Hand-built in Stuttgart, Germany, this new model is a step up from Mercedes-Benz’s previous 2-door models. It offers a completely different and awe-inspiring driving experience that is said to surpass the most classic sports cars of all time—including the Porsche 911. With AMG® Formula 1 racing technology injected into a luxury car for the roads, the AMG® GT S was truly built to shine.

Driving Performance

If you are looking for a world class sports car to drive, the new AMG® GT S is more than worthy of your consideration. With the ability to go from 0-60 mph in just 3.7 seconds, this model boasts an incredible rate of acceleration. The AMG® GT S also comes with an impressive 7-speed transmission, hand-built by the engineers at AMG®. The functional and stylish paddle shifters get this powerhouse moving at speeds of almost 200 miles per hour, while the sleek aluminum body sits on a double wishbone, 4-wheel suspension and low chassis that deliver the precision of a race car.

The AMG® GT S is packed with sublime racing features that really make it stand out from the crowd. Highlights such as the carbon-fiber brakes and a carbon-fiber drive shaft were included to keep the overall weight of this high performance vehicle down, while the crash avoidance system comes standard to keep both the driver and passenger safe. The high performance exhaust system roars as you drive, but it does so with a certain elegance—there’s no dull, rolling growl to be heard from this sports car. The AMG® GT S comes to life with a powerful boom when you start it up and rolls through gears with immense power.

Aesthetics: It’s All There

If power and performance aren’t enough, the AMG® GT S is also one of the most aesthetically pleasing cars Mercedes-Benz has ever manufactured. Low to the ground, and powerful from front through back, this is a machine that begs to be admired. The AMG® GT S even offers room for customization. New AMG® GT S owners can select from three different styling packages and a variety of wheel choices. The low-profile body is accentuated with full LED headlights, an outstanding automatic rear spoiler and air vents that wouldn’t look out of place on an aircraft.

For those wishing to fine-tune the aesthetics even further, a carbon-fiber trim can be added to the sides and rear of the vehicle, which really accentuates its lines. As you might expect, the headlights are adaptive, and the running LED daytime headlights are a standard feature for everyone. Take everything listed above and set it on 19-inch front wheels and 20-inch back wheels, and you are left with a true masterpiece of German engineering.

A Look Inside

Unsurprisingly, the sleek aesthetics don’t stop with the exterior of the car; Mercedes-Benz has masterfully designed the car’s interior as well. The centerpiece is the AMG® Dynamic Select controller: Effective in design and pleasing to the eye, it is the highlight of the vehicle’s interior. Change between any one of the car’s four modes and see the associated throttle maps, suspension setups and gear changes right there in front of you on the central control screen. Packed full of top-of-the-line technology, this car gets yet another enticing boost with the optional (and exclusive!) AMG® interior trim.

This luxury package includes ambient lighting inside the vehicle and illuminated door sills. Enjoy Napa leather seats and roof liner with this exclusive add-on from AMG®. Luxury at its finest! Lining the interior’s center console are round silver buttons that control various elements of the Mercedes AMG® GT S interior. For those looking for a little extra noise, there is even a button to boost your exhaust notes. Now that’s something worth trying! In typical sports car fashion, there are no back seats, however, there is a small area for storage inside the car and another small space in the trunk. Headroom and legroom are more than adequate, even for taller people.

A Vehicle to be Reckoned With

All in all, the AMG® GT S is arguably the purest sports car Mercedes-Benz has ever released. With a 4.0 liter V-8 under the hood, a sleek, low-profile body, great driving ability and an incredible interior, there’s no doubt this is a sports car to be reckoned with.



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